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Community Rules:
By participating in our community, you agree to conform with the following rules.

Please, understand that these rules have been generated through need rather than whim.

General Rules:

Participation in this community is a Privilege, not a Right. This privilege is maintained through courtesy and respect Lee Ann, her staff and your fellow members.

If one of the staff asks you to stop what you are doing, stop. Stop immediately. Seriously, just freeze and step away.

All rules valid for the community are in effect for the Chat function.

Member Responsibility:
--Read carefully.
--Acknowledge other people, assume goodwill, "be quick to praise and slow to criticize", add knowledge, offer help, politely ask for clarification, and exercise patience when your temper flares.
--Welcome new people. Point newcomers to these rules, links to related conversations.
--Bring your situation to the moderators if you are angry, puzzled, or otherwise uncertain about what to do.

Segmentation of Topics:
--Post items in the appropriate section.

--Spoilers should only be posted in the designated section.
--Do not post the spoiler directly in the subject line. (Everyone can see that.)
--Use spoiler tags if you post something not covered in that topics subject line.

Forbidden Discussion Items:
Include, but are not limited to:
Theft of intellectual property
Religion outside of Book Canon
Personal Attacks
Sex, Sexism
Other Touchy Topics

Promotional Posts:
The ability to make promotional posts is a privilege earned by active forum participation, not a right. If you make promotional posts without participating as a real live human in discussions elsewhere on the board, those posts are subject to deletion. Promo-only user accounts can be considered to be spammers and may be deleted as well.

--Personalized avatars must avoid touchy topics.
--Please keep avatars to a size not to exceed 150 x 150 pixels.

User names:
--Refrain from user names that include any extended ASCII characters in them (e.g.: Ü,ô,ñ,ƒ,í).
--You may not combine words that would result in a phonetically offensive name.

Everyone is encouraged to utilize the Site Suggestions and Support board to discuss the rules.

Any user who violates site or specific forum policy, including those who ignore personal direction given to them by a moderator, will be reprimanded and may be banned according to the following guidelines:
--Immediate bans may be issued without warning in circumstances including but not limited to those involving SPAM, explicitly prohibited activity, excessive harassment, or any behaviour deemed malicious.
--The first offence for minor infractions will result in a written warning by moderator either via Private Message or in the thread where the incident occurred.
--Upon the second offence, the user will receive a temporary ban of anywhere from 3-30 days with a brief explanation of the reason behind the ban and the duration of the ban.
--Repeat offenders who continue to violate policy and/or moderator direction, will be permanently banned.
--The Moderators reserve the right to place bans immediately if, in their estimation, it becomes necessary to do so.

If you feel that you have been unjustly moderated:
--Do not argue in the topic.
--PM one of the staff and ask for clarification.
--If you disagree with the staff, message an Admin
--To request to change or clarify policy, start a thread in Site Suggestions.
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